About Pockets of Play

Pockets of Play was formed by two friends, Kristi Weyland and Daniel Robison.

Kristi Weyland

Way back when my oldest child was 4 years old I sat down with him and we played our first D&D campaign together. It was a simplified version, but it started a love of gaming that has continued throughout his life. Since then I have incorporated play into many aspects of our life. Whether it is playing a D&D campaign my youngest has invented, telling jokes over tea, singing songs as we explore a new trail, or planning crafty gifts for our distant family at Christmas, we see it all as play. I currently homeschool 2 of my 4 children (the older ones now in college) and am an avid gamer and photographer in my spare time. I am the creator behind Peace, Love & Games, where my love of photography was recently rekindled. Feel free to follow me on Twitter or on my personal Instagram.

Daniel Robison